Technology Consulting

Develop your digital strategy by aligning your technology, operational and financial goals to improve the experience of your employees and customers.

We accompany you in the choice of use or development of profitable digital tools with high productivity potential corresponding to your business model.

Whatever your level of digital maturity and your field of activity, our expertise will enable you either to establish a general assessment of medium or long term needs, or to create a digital solutions development partnership with BlueLeaf.
We will establish a specification of your needs that can be used by a third party or that will validate our future collaboration.

Already active in healthcare, logistics, entertainment and retail, BlueLeaf is committed to carefully gathering its experience in delivering reliable IT solutions, focusing on industry specifics to enhance the experience of your employees and customers.

Software Analysis and Prototyping

For a particular need of custom software development adapted to your business model, we develop with you a complete specification.

In order to give you a precise idea of the needs, the resources needed and a budget, we will proceed with a breakdown of the analysis process at the end of which you can either keep the detailed specifications or continue in the development stage of your product with us.


  • 1. Logs

    Writing of a detailed journal of the various reports, exchanges, Q&A carried out together

    • Workshop/meeting with each type of end-user, team leaders and project managers
    • Expectations Surveys
    • Collecting current and future practices
    • Understanding the project context
    • Identification of obstacles


  • 2. Prototype

    Production of prototyped models
    and UI screenshots

    • Pure models giving the general aspect of the application
    • Example of a user interface
    • Design of external links
    • Simple prototype


  • 3. Specifications

    Drafting of complete product specifications that can be used by software developers

    • Detailed definition of requirements
    • Separation of the different parts of the software
    • Delivery of the specifications



Once your specifications are established, if you want to develop your custom software with us, then let's start a long-term collaboration!

  • Development

    Realization of your project, technical developments allowing the integration of adequate solutions. Test phases. Validation of the project by the client and production launch.

  • Maintenance

    Once the product has been launched, we will make any small modifications and adaptations that may be necessary during the first month. Maintenance offers are also available to meet your future needs.