A few words about us

Blueleaf supports you in the development of your digital strategy by developing innovative solutions


Active throughout French-speaking Switzerland, we are specialized in digital strategy consulting and customised business software development, and have strong expertise in the medical field, logistics, ticketing systems and CRM. As the needs of each industry are specific, we offer you dedicated developments of portable, fast and reliable SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications.


The activity of the company consists in accompanying its customers in the realization of their projects by acting within their organization to contribute to the improvement of efficiency and performance.

Concerned to establish a strong and durable partnership, our team, endowed with a strong experience, advises you and seeks to integrate as well as possible the vision of your company, the needs of your employees and your customers.

Our Development Process

With a serious and regardful attitude towards your business, we start from the point of concept examination: our specialists carefully analyze your needs and help you create a detailed software requirements specification, which is indispensable for implementing the project the way you envision it.

  • Analysis

    Definition of the objectives. We define together your target, your needs and your expectations.During a planification phase, we identify the keys steps of your project.

  • Design

    We define the best way to provide the information from a visual and ergonomic point of view and the solutions for the realisation taking into account the economic and technical context.

  • Development

    Realization of your project, technical developments allowing the integration of adequate solutions. Test phases. Validation of the project by the client and production launch.

  • Maintenance

    Once the product has been launched, we will make any small modifications and adaptations that may be necessary during the first month. Maintenance offers are also available to meet your future needs.

  • Why choose Blueleaf for the development of your digital applications?

    You can count on our support from the first contact. We want to know your vision of the system, your business goals, your users and their needs. This is important to us because we are always deeply involved in every software product we develop. Our teams are an integral part of your organization, which is why the systems we create precisely meet your needs.

Long-term Partnership

We seek to create and consolidate a long-term collaborative partnership. We want to share your vision, understand your market and help you achieve your goals


Continuous maintenance, support and related developments so that you can always adapt your application to new needs 

IPR Protection

We take your intellectual property rights very seriously. To ensure that your ideas remain yours, we sign a strict NDA to guarantee your exclusive ownership of the code base


11 years of expertise in enterprise application development for various industries

Dedicated local team

Data storage in Switzerland, Swiss regulations and a development team dedicated to your project based exclusively in Switzerland

Robust and efficient technologies

We have strong engineering skills and technical know-how. By using proven OpenSource technologies such as PHP, MySQL, jQuery we create tools for you that avoid attacks and known flaws in market tools

Fast and reliable back-end architecture

Our full-stack design based on SPA models offers not only flexibility, reliability and proven portability but also speed and fluidity that allows you to work anywhere.

Front-end MVC architecture

A user interface design in Model-View-Controller allows you to easily and efficiently upgrade your system, and facilitates collaboration with your IT team.

Our Application Development Process

We support the development of Open Source software, which is why our products are all based on technologies of this type, proven and recognized worldwide.

Management team

  • Mehdi El Ghaziani

    Co-founder and project manager
    Master in Communication Systems

    Email: mehdi@blueleaf.ch
    Phone:+41 76 435 19 77

  • Damien Cardinaux

    Co-founder and R&D Manager
    Master in Computer Science

    Email: damien@blueleaf.ch
    Phone:+41 79 602 62 11

  • Michèle Allaman

    Administrative Management

    Email: michele@blueleaf.ch