Custom Applications

We offer customized consulting and development services to help you realize your application or dedicated software project.

Today companies need tools to manage their business. These tools must be interconnected, fast, accessible everywhere and multi-platform.

The development of information technologies allows to create customized web software for specific tasks with many advantages like:

  • increase in productivity
  • reduction of administrative costs
  • automation of routine operations
  • no software to install on every computer depending on the OS. The web app is accessible through a simple web browser
  • Every devices support the web app: computer, laptop, tablette, smartphones
  • The web app is accessible form everywhere at anytime while an internet connection is up
  • Manage clients, products, agenda, planning, website content and all you need with a single tool


Depending on the level of complexity of your project, one option is to adopt one of the different ready-made solutions available on the market. Using one of these ready-to-use solutions usually means adapting your requirements to the limitations of the system.

However, it often happens that your needs are much more demanding. In such circumstances, you can have your software built from scratch to perfectly meet your needs.

Blueleaf Sàrl will provide you with a customized web application adapted to the needs of your users and your company.

Domain Expertise

Blueleaf has worked on numerous projects and has been able to expand its knowledge in various sectors of activity, among which:


The health sector in Switzerland is beginning its digital transformation and must respect certain standards, degrees of security and tend to make patient records completely digitized. We help healthcare providers, physicians and patients improve treatment follow-up, effectively manage medical practice workflows and facilitate data processing.


Whether for the transport of goods or people, the management of inventories, planning and routes, or for the accounting part, we create solutions adapted to the needs of your customers and your employees. We have field experience with the challenges of logistics and know the challenges.


The entertainment world can sometimes be complex depending on the type of event. It is therefore necessary to be able to adapt to each situation while ensuring reliable and secure services. This area provides many solutions that can sometimes be too rigid. We advise you and develop together the solution adapted to your environment, by proposing the print@home, QR-code, bar-code, customer accounts,...


Interconnecting all the players in a company in order to optimise customer relations requires a broad vision of everyone's needs. Centralizing data, linking information, tracking orders and requests, improving marketing campaigns are essential tasks to increase transparency, efficiency and customer service.

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Our latest projects

HW Romandie

Development of an internal management software.

Etat de Vaud - DGEP

Developed exclusively for this theatre, this software responds to requests to merge several tools: customer management, reservation system, ticketing, room placements and administrative management.

It makes the link between the website, the ticketing service and the show management.

Centre de Chimiothérapie Anti-Cancéreuse

Digital Patient Record Management System specific to the field of oncology. It makes it possible to manage all the patients in a practice and their treatments.

This custom software allows doctors and assistants in a practice to also manage all consultations and invoicing.

More about us

Association 1951

Creation of an ecosystem using Google tools (Calendar, Docs, Sheets, ...) to facilitate the work of employees.

Exel Location

Managing a fleet of rental cars and commercial vehicles, this web software makes it easy to plan all customer requests.

Front end tool translated by a fast and user-friendly responsive website, linked to the back-end management application, all based on a robust database.

diBoks - Boîtes à idées en ligne

Web application to create online idea boxes. Thanks to the various options that can be activated at any time, your suggestion box becomes a real one. concept generator for companies!

Being a web application, once loaded, on any support, actions are almost instantaneous! Share your diBoks or easily manage your accesses want to allow.

Voir un exemple

Responsive Layout - Multi language - Web Application

Mon Vide Dressing

Responsive Layout - BlueWay - Gestion de profile - Messagerie interne

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